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Employment Goal and Overview

Experienced technology professional, business administrator and web master with extensive background in management, technology, retail business operations, finance, and higher education seeks employment where I can use these skills in a technology related environment.
I have strong administrative and management abilities and excellent communications abilities. Acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and easily. Proven record of adaptability to the changing needs of an organization. Specialized skills in magnetic stripe and smart card technology and using technology to build community.

  • Project manager with experience in implementation of new programs including upgraded and new software systems
  • Skilled in using technology to help individuals and organizations meet their needs
  • Expert skills in working in a corporate environment with department heads, technology teams and end users to meet the business goals of the company
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Proficient at HTML and and related technologies to build web sites
  • Experienced in using many popular PC software programs and industry specific applications
  • Strong administrative and management abilities in business environments
  • Excellent communications abilities
  • Able to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and easily
  • Proven record of adaptability to the changing needs of an organization
  • Specialized skills in magnetic stripe technology including door access systems, cyber cash
  • Unique skills in building electronic communities


  • Experienced in helping a business use the Internet to meet their business goals
  • Technology manager for two departments providing hardware, software and help desk support and consulting to three departments with approximately 200 users.
  • Skilled in HTML, web site development, usability testing and graphics manipulation
  • Informed about "wireless" technology applications and issues
  • Familiar with "commerce on the Internet" issues including security, credit cards, Pay Pal
  • Informed about Java, multimedia, CAI, web server technology, web site management
  • Familiar with LAN and WAN environments
  • Experienced in on line magnetic stripe and off line magnetic card technology
  • Experience in building electronic communities
  • Skilled in a wide variety of IBM personal computer compatible hardware and software including, Groupwise, Lotus Notes for mail and calendar, Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat, Paintshop, Windows 98, DOS, PC tuning programs, Excel, Word, HTML software, Power Point and industry specific applications
  • Developed the following web sites:
Pay Pal Example  


  • Expert in all areas of business management including administration, purchasing, personnel, production, budgeting, personnel development, request for proposal documents.
  • Managed $3.7 million dollar budget with 60 full time equivalent employees
  • Practiced at seeing the "big picture" in a company
  • Skilled at analyzing business situations, producing business plans and results
  • Adaptable to the changing needs of the business environment
  • Committed to "customer satisfaction"
  • Focused and self motivated learner
  • 2001 member of U of MN Women's Leadership Institute
  • Recognition Awards - received "Outstanding Service Awards" at the department and regional level


  • Skilled at public speaking including formal presentations and training
  • Experienced at leading meetings
  • Proficient in producing results in sales and negotiation situations
  • Skilled at using technology to build community and improve communications

Employment History

University of Minnesota 1978 to current

  • Information Technology Manager - Technology Support Services Housing & Residential Life and Dining Services
  • Technology Projects Manager / Web Master for Housing and Dining Services
  • Interim Assistant Director for Administration and Operations for Housing & Residential Life
  • Designer of Gopherville, an on line electronic community for students
  • Implementation Project Coordinator for University wide all campus card for off line services
  • Basic Applications Team member for technology project for Housing and Food Service
  • Interim Co Director for Food Services
  • MIS Manager - Food Services
  • Sr. Administrative Manager of Multiple Business Units
  • Administrative Manager


  • Numerous seminars and formal classes on technology and management -Most recent courses were Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Steven Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
  • Foundations of Financial Planning graduate
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Mankato State University BS Dietetics and Business Administration
References available upon request

Fay Choban • 436 Bruns Court • Vadnais Heights, MN 55127 • 651-426-3457 •

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